Surveying And Levelling by N. N. Basak

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Surveying And Levelling by N. N. Basak

৳  270

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Written in a user-friendly manner, this book presents the basic principles of surveying and levelling in a simple and systematic manner. The second edition has been thoroughly revised and updated with the latest developments.

Book Features

Coverage on Electromagnetic Distance Measurement, Total Station, Remote Sensing and GIS now added
Survey of tunneling, docks, harbors and airports incorporated
Short -Answer Questions provided in each chapter and Model Question Papers with answers shall aid students better prepare for examinations

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Chain Surveying
  • Compass Traversing
  • Plane Table Surveying
  • Levelling
  • Contouring
  • Computation of Area
  • Computation of Volume
  • Theodolite Traversing
  • Curves
  • Tacheometric Surveying
  • Project Surveys
  • Hydrographic Survey
  • Setting Out
  • Appendix A: Advance Surveying
  • Appendix B: Model Questions with Answers
  • Appendix C: Model Question Papers

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